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Dear KobeBear.

Although i never met you personally i do feel that i know you. Some of the pictures your mother sent me of you to design for her makes me think about just how much you looked like buddy when you were a pup, I could only hope buddy would of had the wonderful life as you did, If you get the chance could you please go look around and see if you can find my little buddy and tell him daddy loves a misses him greatly, Thanks Bear.

I bet your having the time of your life just running and playing in all them water holes and chewing on all them sticks,

Take care Bear

Buddy's dad, Stoney
Mom (Ro)

I'm a gardener and Kobe and I spend many hours in my garden. In the fall I hate to see all the beautiful flowers freeze and die. So.........every year I attempt to bring in the pots and try to "SAVE" the beauties. One fall when Kobe was still quit young, I had brought inside this pot about 12" around from the garden. It was a metal pot with a handle on it so you could hang it with a clay pot inside filled with dirt and a dying (as usual) plant.

Now Kobe was always chewing or investigating something to chew. I was upstairs putting away laundry when I hear him running across the floor...........followed by this god-awful howl...........then smash.........more smashing. I FREAKED OUT and headed for the stairs. There in the middle of the floor is Kobe. Here he had somehow stuck his head through that pot handle which was now wrapped around his head. He was sitting in the middle of the living room whimpering, by the time I got downstairs, trying to get this pot off his head.

Once I realized what the heck was going on I was laughing so hard, I almost peed myself lol. Laughing In his effort to free himself of this pot..............he smashed the clay pot and sprayed dirt the couches, on the china, even on the very top of the curtains all in a matter of a few minutes!! It took me HOURS to clean it up. Of course I didn't have a camera handy. Thankfully he was not injured and didn't break anything (how I don't know) like the TV or my patio doors. I do however have pics of him with this stuffed snake that him and my daughter used to play with. She used to love to twist him up in this thing.........we'd laugh watching him escape. Laughing



I have so many memories of The Bear, so many great ones. Every other dog We'd ever had wanted nothing to do with me, but not Bear. Everyday I walked in the door, he was just as happy to see me as the day before. He would do his little butt wiggle and try to tackle me to the floor to roll around with him. I miss trips to the beach, and even though I regret not taking him more this year, we did get one last swim and run together. I'll remember it forever. I miss hearing his Elmo talk in the middle of the night, hearing his snoring on the floor below knowing I was safe, him dropping his slimey toys and his slobbery monkey on my lap wanting to play. I miss playing tug-of-war with him and having to tell him 10,000 to stop cheating because he'd use his paws. I miss watching him try to eat the water that came from the hose or sprinkler in the yard. I hate seeing an empty blue kiddie pool. I miss the hair made tumble weeds the size of cats rolling across the hardwood floors. I miss my Kobe, the most loyal pet/friend I've ever known.


Sarah McLachlan

Kobe had a face that talked, you took one look at him and you knew instantly what he was thinking.  One Sunday afternoon I was over at Rosy's having my hair highlighted by her daughter Trista. We were chatting and laughing as the tin foil took the place of where my hair used to be. When the time came to let the haircolor work its magic, we decided to sit out in the living room and eat cookies. All of a sudden I had Kobe sitting in front of me tilting his head from side to side with his ears perked and his eyebrows knitted. If he could've talked, I swear that he would have asked me "What the hell is all that on your head, you're crazy." I think he studied me like that for like 10 minutes. Finally, he got his sights set on Rosy's cookie and she totally busted him and told him "no beggin". He looks away with one eye still on the cookie and gets this look on his face that said "who,me". I still giggle when I think of that day.


Kobe Bear's Mom

This was written for me and Kobe Bear after his passing by a dear friend of mine from the cancer forum.


Kobe Bear, A Love Story

Kobe Bear and Ro took that one last trip together in just the same fashion that they had in the months previously - together. They did not get to that last day without struggle. Without months of ups and downs. But they taught each other how to do it together. Yet on that last day, was it not to be expected that Ro would ask Kobe if it was time to depart for his next destination and not know an answer? Of course, it was natural to do so. After all Kobe Bear had shown time and time and time again he wanted to stay a bit longer. Even though his body kept defying his courageous spirit, he did not give up, he just kept making adjustments - his gait got slower, the breathing grew more labored, the eyes dulled more. He had no expectations about tomorrow. He asked in the last hours if she would wait to miss him, wait to cry a river of tears, wait to be shattered. He asked only if she would make each moment left with him perfect. And in asking and being given this he guided her in letting him leave and gave her his last gift. Love, given and received, moment by moment. That he just be there under the stars with him in her arms, ending only their physical sharing of life, yet sharing love of each other which will last to eternity.

We, his forum family, has followed his miraculous trip, getting to know him and his antics -one of his favorite pastimes licking the roaster pan on cooking day, loudly snoring at Mum’s feet while she types at the computer, the deck thunderstorms of Kris and Kobe playing, stuffing all 130 lbs into the backseat of the Hyundai of which 30 lbs were black hair. Making Mom feel guilty if she didn’t take him riding everywhere she went. Sleeping everywhere - in the bathtub, next to Mom’s side of the bed and getting a belly rub, on the couch in his fur blanket, hosting a slumber party for Mom on the deck. Being humped by Kris and in turn humping his stuffed monkeys. Chasing the laser beam “Leveler” on the deck. Counter surfing. His keepsake chest - his kennel where you can find can openers or anything else you might be missing. Ro just thought “walk” and Kobe went to the closet to get his leash. And how he loved walking. Down to only a few blocks in the last weeks, but there was Mom - going as far as he could and then sitting down to just chill out with him until he could go on. The dog park. The forlorn look in his eyes when he could not catch and play with the seagulls at the beach. The doo doo mountain which might contain whole rawhides, pages of a chewed book or socks. And those doo doo mountains must have been huge for Kobe didn’t miss many meals. And who could forget the picture of Kobe Bear sitting in the middle of the living room floor with a smashed garden pot full of dirt - whimpering because he couldn’t get his head free from the pot handle he had managed to get his head trapped in.

You could just see and feel a joyous spirit in the antics of this golden retriever/black lab wrapped up in a Newfoundland package. Kobe’s courage coupled with Mom’s boundless energy and care, their love for each other and as Todd said the magic potion she slipped into his food made us all think he would not, could not leave us for a long while yet. And while Mom’s positive life force helped Kobe to rally so many times, it was Kobe who changed lives. In Ro’s own words:

How Kobe Bear saved me:

“A good friend of mine had a small hobby farm out in the country with horses, dogs, pigs, and many other critters. My children and I would go out there on the weekends so the kids could ride the horses and I could drink coffee and chit chat with my friend. She had these dogs Reba and Garth………seriously………Kobe’s mom and dad. I loved them!! Reba was all black Lab and Garth was black Lab with Golden in his bloodline. Garth was beautiful…….stocky with a wavy back (solid black)……..with amber eyes that were so sweet he could melt your heart. We had just lost a lab puppy not too long before and also had my aging cocker at home so I was no way near ready to get a puppy. Out of the blue one day my friend says to me that Reba and Garth are going to be parents!

OMG the kids would not quit bugging me and I finally gave in………….we were going to get a puppy. Knowing the parents is what sold me………they were beautiful, smart, and wonderful with children (even though my kids were not so much kids anymore). We saw the puppies the day after they were born. Four yellow puppies, and Five black puppies……… had a little wave of black curls on his back. I knew he was the one. We continued to see the puppies until it was time to pick one and take one home. The kids wanted a yellow lab…….but I had my eye on the wavy back black one. Kobe was sweet and cuddly and he came to me when I talked to him (my boyfriend teases me, tells me I know dog language and it sounds like Mickey Mouse lol). He looked like a bear cub. I wanted to name him Bear but the kids wanted Kobe so we compromised. Kobe Bear has no rare bloodlines and isn’t even a purebred……….we paid $50.00 for him but he is my special boy……..truly the best dog I’ve ever owned.

I was very depressed and guilt ridden after the death of our puppy. Getting Kobe made me realize that my house had to have at least two dogs in it to be a home.”

Indeed, Kobe Bear and Ro are a special love story that will now continue on a soul level, never to be apart. And an inspiration to us all.

Rest in Peace, beloved Kobe Bear.



Kobe Bear's Mom

August 8, 2008 posted on the cancer forum


The Pain of Loss and Regrets

I know I’ve been away for a little bit. I have missed many new-comers to the forum and I apologize for that. I promise I will be back so that I may help someone else going through this rollercoaster ride. Kobe Bear would have wanted me to be here………this place got me through the last 10 months.

I put this in the Angels section because I’m sure it will make some of you sad. That is not my intention. This is a reminder to love your babies like there is no tomorrow and to overlook the little irritants that they may give you. Kobe’s illness and dealth have been a huge eye opener for me as a person and as a mommy/pet owner.

I look for my Bear everywhere and regret when I was irritated with him. When I loved to have rugs in the bathroom yet I straightened those damn things I bet 10 times a day cuz Kobes would move them so he could be on the cold tile. I covered the couch to avoid dog hair yet the cover and cushions always got pushed on the floor cuz he was always rutting in the couch………straightened that every other hour it seemed. When he used to eat my pansies…..the pretty orange ones that I loved so much……..hell they were edible Smile How I could never grow tomatoes cuz Kobe ate them. How he was always in my way in the kitchen………..sitting in front of the fridge or under my feet (small kitchen). How I never got to sleep in one weekend after he got sick because of scheduled feedings and medication. Or all the sleepless nights worrying about my boy.

I can tell you this…………..I would give up a weeks sleep just to have one more day with him!! crying hard I would promise NEVER NEVER to be irritated with him. I love him and I wonder how I will ever find another to replace him my beautiful Bear. Writing this is therapy and I’m sure it will be long and I’ll ramble but those that love us here will read it because they care about me and my Bear. I miss Pat!! I’m sure she would write something very specail for Kobe and he deserves that.

Today is day 5 without him. And like Bella said there are many “firsts” without him. The first day coming home from work with no Bear to meet me at the door with his wiggling butt so happy to see me. The first salad made in the morning without the Bear sitting there waiting for his bit of cucumber and green pepper (he LOVED THEM!!). The first morning feeding only for Kris…………..and first morning without my morning walk with the Bear. The first dog park visit without him was last night. This was very hard and I couldn’t make it to the creek. I really wanted to just sit down there and demand that he visit me Smile………sound familiar Bella?

Today my sweet beautiful Bear is being cremated. Y’all are going to think I’m wacked but last night I went to the emergency hospital (where Kobe is stored until today) and sat in the parking lot and cried………I had to tell him goodbye again. Tomorrow I will get his ashes and hopefully this will be a turning point for me. To begin REALLY healing from his loss.

Laurie………….we talked about a puppy last night. TALKed about it. Todd thinks it’s too soon and I agree. I just feel empty and I have a ton of love to give to another puppy and I think Kobe would agree.

Patti……………give Toby an extra huge hug from me and lot’s of kisses. Hold him tight. I will celebrate huge with him when he reaches the one year mark and we will remember my Bear.

I appreciate all of you being here for me!! I would not make it through this without you. I just wanted to remind all of you who’s babies are still here to hold them tight and love them. Everyday gets a little easier and I really want to be my ole happy go lucky self and I’m hoping Kobe’s spirit will help me.

Thanks for listening and I luv ya all!!


Jamie Rose

PhotobucketKobe was always such a flirt.  I was visiting Rosy one day, and not paying enough attention to Kobe.  I stood there chatting, and next thing I knew his nose was between my legs and I was unceremoniously being lifted off the floor.


Well, of course I scolded him for his bold behavior, to which he abruptly replied, "Rawr rar rar rawr".  And walked away.  I guess he told me!! lol

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